Andrea Noll

Credentials: Research Specialist

Andrea photo

Andrea received a BS in Biology from UW-Stevens Point, an MS in Microbiology from UW-Madison, and is currently working towards an MPH through the University of Florida. While completing her degree in Microbiology, she focused on infectious diseases and her thesis project explored the mechanisms of antimicrobial resistance in the opportunistic pathogen, Candida albicans. Additionally, Andrea previously worked for the UW in the Allergy, Pulmonary, and Critical care medicine division, where she helped conduct clinical immunology research to better understand the physiology and implications of living with chronic asthma.

Andrea became a member of the Bolling Lab in 2020 and has since helped manage lab operations and contributed to various projects in the lab. Her primary focus has been to investigate the effect food compounds have on the oral microbiome and intestinal barrier function to improve overall health in people. Andrea is also assisting the lab with organizing, coordinating, and implementing human intervention studies to facilitate this research further.

Outside of the lab, Andrea keeps busy with school, spending time with friends and family, and staying active. She loves to travel and is an outdoor enthusiast. If you look carefully, you may even spot her climbing up a rock face at some point.