Mass spectrometer

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Please contact Dr. Bolling ( to request instrument use.

In your request, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Compound names and description (structure, functional groups, molecular weight)
  • Matrix description (food, animal, human, extract, etc.)
  • Clean-up and extraction steps applied
  • Method description and references
    • UHPLC Column
    • Mobile phases
    • Internal standards
    • Run time
    • Detection method

Fee Structure


Sample Type Technician-run Solvents-supplied Column Supplied Vials/Plate Supplied COST
> 15 min runs Y Y Y Y $251/sample
< 15 min runs Y Y Y Y $148/sample
Hourly Y Y Y Y $526/h
Hourly (bulk, >50 h / y) N Y N Y $100/h